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Models Under 18

Variations Photography and Modelling are committed to helping models under the age of 18 get in to the modelling business and be successful. We love working with teenagers and have worked hard to become one of Essex's leading providers of model portfolios for teenagers and younger adults.

Based on skills first acquired from running our very successful makeover photo shoots, we have put together a team of professionals that know what they are talking about when it comes to looking good and the whole modelling experience. Our modelling team consists of image consultants, makeup artists, hair stylists, modelling consultants and photographers who can offer you a wealth of advice and experience and imagination to make you a top class model. You can then take this skills in to the real world and progress your modelling career with confidence.

We have a range of services and photo shoots to suit virtually every model's needs, each one has been designed to answer the needs of specific customers and each one will significantly contribute towards your chosen modelling career.

Photo shoot name Description

Group Model Portfolio Shoot

Model Portfolio Program Our Model Portfolio Program is our ultimate portfolip package for new and up and coming models. We can quite literally teach you how to model from complete beginner to the point where you can hold your own on any photo shoot.

Modelling Workshop Our Model Workshops are ideal for up and coming models. In a warm and friendly atmosphere you will be coached on how to work in front of the camera and how to take direction from a photographer.

On To One Shoot

Portfolio Photo Shoot This is our premier professional package for models and people in the performing arts. It is designed to create a quality personal portfolio of pictures to help promotoe the model's professional career.

Test Shoot To find out whether you've got what it takes to be a model book one of our Audition Shoots. We will give you an honest opinion on your chances as a model and suggestions on how you could improve.

Holly Garrard. If you're interested in our modelling Portfolio Program Scholarship and think you can match up to young Holly Garrard then send us an email today! Photographed by Nick Beckley

Model Portfolio Program Scholarship

Because of our commitment to teenage models and our desire to become the number on provider of modelling tuition and model portfolios, for a select few we also offer our Model Portfolio Program Scholarship. This is a specifically designed modelling tuition program at a vastly reduced rate for those we feel have real promise. Places on this program are limited to just 3 or 4 models at a time and are for a very select few. The scholarship program is exactly the same as our full Model Portfolio Program but is provided to you at cost price. In addition you also get a discount off prints and portfolio books.

if you would like to find out more about the Model Portfolio Program Scholarship then take a look at the scholarship page.

Rules For Models Under 18

If you're under 18 then to model for you have to agree to the following conditions:

  1. You must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  2. This adult should preferably be someone you are closely related to, a parent, older sister, or grandparent is ideal. Boyfriends do not make good chaperones so we do not encourage them.
  3. The responsible adult and the photographer are equally responsible to ensure that all photographs taken are decent and appropriate for the age of the model. This is the law.
  4. The photographer may also be accompanied by a representative or assistant who can also act as a witness to the shoot.
  5. The purpose of the shoot and nature of the content will be discussed and understood before the shoot commences. If you have any questions at all no matter how silly you think they may be, you should ask them anyway.
  6. If at any point either the model or photographer feels uneasy about the direction of the shoot then it will stop immediately, the shoot will be over any the visiting party will leave as soon as possible.
  7. It is recommended that the model and the responsible adult agree a code word or phrase which the model can include in conversation which will indicate to the responsible adult that they are uneasy and want the shoot to stop. This allows the adult to intervene in a timely fashion before anyone gets upset.
  8. Shots in swimwear or underwear are allowed (say for catalogue work or model portfolios) but must not be portrayed in a sexual nature and must be deemed as necessary. If the nature of the shoot involves this type of pose it will be discussed in detail and agreement reached by all involved before the shoot commences. Shots of this nature may be at the request of a paying client who may also impose other rules on the shoot.
  9. It is possible that a model could move during the process of a particular shot which in turn ends up making the photograph more revealing than was ever intended. If this should happen any such shots will be permanently deleted as soon as they are discovered.
  10. At any point where practicable the responsible adult can request to see previews of the shots being taken. Depending on equipment available this may be via the camera's own preview screen or via computer after downloading. If any shots are regarded as unsuitable they will be deleted immediately and without question.
  11. Although we want to encourage all ages to be involved in our photography we do not intend to put ourselves at risk of prosecution. To this end we tend to err on the side of caution and will not partake in shots which would be considered too near the line.
  12. As in accordance with UK law, the copyright of all photographs taken is the property of the photographer. Permission to use the photographs for any purpose by the model must first be agreed in writing.

In addition to the above you would be wise to read our Good Model Guide which is full of hints and tips about the life of a model, how to conduct yourself, and what to expect from your photo shoot.